For Placement Agent Partners


Constantine Advisors has walked many miles in your shoes, as global institutional business development leads.  To be clear, our goal is to bring to you high quality business development services and help broaden your reach and revenue globally. If you have a particular expertise in an asset class or geography, we want to hear more about it and help you leverage that.

With our breadth of experience across sectors, (private equity, Infrastructure, credit) and countries, combined with a knowledge of each placement agent’s expertise, (in terms of fund size, sector, coverage), we can successfully originate relevant deal flow to agents that they would not otherwise access. This can mean a better diversified business for you as an agent via new geographies, sectors and clients.

With no obligation to formally work with our contracted GP, we can also give placement agents a free look, until there is a good product fit for both you the agent and the GP.  Constantine meets 200+ GP’s annually: spin out teams from established funds, new teams looking to institutionalize their existing investor base, and funds that have not used agents before. As such, we can ensure variety of product, and also advise, and assist in negotiations with GP’s on what they should be looking for from an agent in terms of process, fees and offering material.  We help  institutionalize and standardize this sometimes messy process.

On average, we work best with fund size of $200m-1b, and have raised money across the asset class and LP spectrums, from fund of funds, and pension funds to single and multi-family offices.