What GP clients say about constantine advisors

Over the last five years, Constantine Advisors has assisted funds in almost every strategy and part of the world in partnering with best-in-class placement agents.

Here’s what a selection of these clients had to say about our unique service:

Blockchain Capital

“Constantine Advisors worked diligently to connect us to placement agents who could understand and get behind our niche focus.”


“Constantine Advisors deliver what others could not.”

Equitas Management Partners

“The process was efficient and effective – a good use of our time and resources to find the right agent for our needs”

Morgan Stanley

“From selection of agents to the candor of their recommendation, everything was excellent – very much in line with the way we like to do things.”


“They found us excellent agents who understand our investment strategy very well.”

Denham Capital

“Constantine Advisors was helpful in providing references on placement agents from sources we could not reach directly.”


“Constantine Advisors cut out a great deal of the time and research needed to find suitable agents. They consistently matched us with the best people.”


“Constantine Advisors was able to connect us with several outstanding placement agents, and selected a few that were all top quality”