Our Network

Constantine Advisors is constantly on top of the latest investment trends and best performing managers and agents in each sector and global region.

The team has access to agents that can provide global coverage, or agents that have specific local coverage for regions like Japan, Korea or the Middle East, where regulatory approval can take time and is often difficult to obtain. These regions can provide valuable top-up capital for GP’s that are already well covered in the US and Europe.

The following images are from select conferences where we’ve cultivated   our top-tier global manager and agent network.

Milken Conference, Los Angeles, Oct. 2021

SuperReturn North America, Boston, Oct. 2021

SuperInvestor, London, September 2021

SuperReturn International, Berlin, February 2020

SuperReturn Private Credit US, Chicago, Oct. 2019

SuperReturn Emerging Markets, Amsterdam, June 2019

SuperReturn International, Berlin, Feb. 2019

SuperReturn US West, Los Angeles, Jan. 2019

SuperInvestor, Amsterdam, November 2018

SuperInvestor, Amsterdam, November 2018

Web Summit, Lisbon, November 2018


SuperReturn, Amsterdam, June 2018

SuperReturn Emerging Markets, Amsterdam, June 2018

SuperReturn West, San Francisco, February 2018

SuperReturn West, San Francisco, February 2018

SuperReturn International, Berlin, February 2018

SuperReturn International, Berlin, February 2018

SuperInvestor International, November 2017

Amsterdam, Nov. 2017

SuperReturn Asia, September 2017

SuperReturn Asia, September 2017

PartnerConnect Midwest in Chicago

PartnerConnect Midwest in Chicago, June 2017

SuperReturn US East

SuperReturn US East, June 2017

SuperReturn International is the most important annual gathering in the private equity world

SuperReturn China

Beijing, April 2017

The world’s gateway to China’s private equity community.

SuperReturn International

Berlin, March 2017

The world’s largest private equity and venture capital event.

SuperReturn US West

San Francisco, Feb 2017

SuperReturn International is the most important annual gathering in the private equity world

SuperInvestor International

Amsterdam, Nov. 2016

SuperReturn Asia

Hong Kong, Sept 2016


Chicago, Jun. 2016

Superreturn U.S.

Boston, Jun. 2016

Superinvestor U.S.

San Francisco, Feb. 2016

Partnerconnect Texas Buyouts Conference

Dallas, Dec. 2015

Milken Institute

London, Oct. 2015

Superreturn Infrastructure

London, Sept. 2015

Superreturn Emerging Markets

Amsterdam, Jun. 2015

Nordic Private Equity Conference

Stockholm, Apr. 2015


Paris, Apr. 2015

Cee Private Equity Forum

Warsaw, Apr. 2015

Creating excellent opportunity for networking and best practice sharing among the private equity champions in CEE.

11th Annual London Business School Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

London, Mar. 2015

Generating Sustainable Value in a World of Low Interest Rates, Increased Competition and Sky-High Valuation


Berlin, Feb. 2015

The world’s premier private equity event, SuperReturn is attended by over 1500 senior level attendees including 350+ LPs

Inside the Mind of the Limited Partner III

Duane Morris, London, Feb. 2015

Designed as a fast-paced exchange of ideas for CIOs from all spheres of the LP world, Inside the Mind III offers market-defining perspectives which influence global competition and emerging trends for investors and the private equity class.


Paris, Nov. 2014

Apart from outstanding networking with 850+ of private equity’s finest, SuperInvestor continues to be the predominant thought -leadership event for LP/GP relations.

Superreturn Emerging Markets Conference

Amsterdam, Jun. 2014

A panel of global institutional investors discuss how they assess, who is the best in each market & to what extent track record is considered replicable.


Monaco, Jun. 2014

The event experience on the People & Ideas inspiring and connecting the hedge fund investment industry.

EBRD Annual Meeting

Warsaw, May. 2014

The multi-dimensional annual Meeting & Business Forum in the historic centre of Warsaw revolving around the profound transformation of the last 25 years.

Eurohedge Summit

Paris, Apr. 2014

Hedge Brunch V

London, Apr. 2014

Join investors, funds and friends in the heart of Mayfair for the perfect environment to mix with people from across the industry.

13th lbs Africa Summit and Gala Dinner

London, Apr. 2014

Bringing together London Business School students, alumni, and professionals from around the world who share an interest in Africa.

LSE Africa Summit

London, Apr. 2014

MIPIM – The International Real Estate Show

Cannes, Mar. 2014

MIPIM, the world’s property market, brings together the most influential players from all international property sectors – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial – offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

Superreturn International

Berlin, Feb. 2014

The World’s largest private equity & Venture Capital Conference – with 1,500 private equity decision makers.


Paris, Nov. 2013

Besides superlative networking with 850+ of private equity’s finest, SuperInvestor is the foremost thought-leadership event for LP/GP relations.