Constantine Advisors helps alternative fund manager clients to raise capital more efficiently by guiding their selection of the best external fund marketers for their individual needs.

We provide deep fund raising expertise and access to a global network of best-in-class placement agents to support clients in every step of their fundraise.

Clients rely on our discrete and highly customized service to shorten the timeline and simplify the process of enlisting a qualified private placement agent or third-party marketer.

The agents we propose to clients are fully vetted to include only those with:

  • proven capital raising track records
  • relevant investor relationships, and
  • strong alignment of interest

to offer our clients the full dedication and focus needed to succeed in a highly competitive global fundraising market.

Benefits to Fund Manager Clients:

  • Our interests are fully aligned. Your capital raising success is our success.
  • We will offer you only the most qualified, performance-driven and reputable marketers for your needs.
  • We are rewarded only if you select one of our agents and the match proves to be successful over time.

Our inside knowledge-based approach to agent selection is based on years of successfully pairing clients with agents.

By removing much of the time, complexity and risk of hiring an agent, we put you on the right path to hitting your capital-raising targets every time.

In a constantly shifting fundraising landscape, Constantine Advisors is your trusted partner for locating the best agents at any time in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

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We look forward to hearing from you to see if we can assist with your raise.

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